Café Novell Launches in the UK

ScarNov (UK) Ltd t/a Novell (a joint venture between Esplanade Group International and Spain’s ‘Cafés Novell’) is focusing on London and Yorkshire for its entry into the UK. Acting on behalf of the Company, Howard Jenkins has acquired an office & distribution warehouse at Thorp Arch, Wetherby from which Novell will service the UK distribution of coffee and ancillary products. 

ScarNov MD, Phil White, who is responsible for the UK operation comments that “with nearly 60 years of coffee roasting heritage in Spain and a global focus on expansion, this is a fast-growing international business. Now we have a base in the UK from which to operate, we can push forward with our product launch bringing premium roasted coffee to the UK and I believe that with Esplanade Group’s heartland in Yorkshire there is no better location to establish our head office and distribution depot”